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Converbration is a unique app that makes your phone vibrate differently according to the types of text messages you receive. So if you receive a long message, you'll notice how your device vibrates for a good while, but if you receive a short message, the vibration with only last for a brief moment.

In the setup options you can choose the type of vibrations you want for each message type. For example, you can make it so that messages ending in a question mark (which will normally be questions), end with a little vibration to indicate that the message is, in fact, a question.

From the options menu you can also choose which messages to ignore. For example, by default, the app is set so that all one-word messages (like 'ok,' 'lol,' etc.) don't vibrate. This way, you won't waste time looking at your phone every time you get one of these messages.

Converbration is an original app that offers some really interesting features. Plus, even though there are tons of detailed customization options, you could actually start using it without even touching the configuration.
Set vibration codes to indicate how important your messages are

How often do you find yourself looking at your phone more than you want to be because of all the pings and buzzes of constant notifications? Silencing your phone entirely isn't always an option and there's no way to tell if it that ding is for an important message or just your best mate sending you a poop emoji again. With this need in mind Converbration was born as an app to indicate the importance of your various messages through smart vibrations.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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